Attorneys in East Meadow


Anyone near the Long Island community of East Meadow, New York, who needs sound legal advice can find an attorney nearby that is well qualified to provide it. The lawyers in East Meadow can handle any legal situation, from personal injury to corporate law. Some of the law firms specialize in certain aspects of the law, but many of them are generalists. The nearly fifty law firms and even more individual attorneys centrally located around Hempstead Turnpike and East Meadow Avenue can handle any type of legal document or litigation that is required.

When buying or renting a home or office, the purchaser should rely on an attorney who specializes in real estate law. East Meadow law firms are well versed in real estate law for individuals and for corporations. Not only do these lawyers handle all the closing documents, but also they are knowledgeable about property covenants and restrictions for residential and commercial property. Additionally, anyone in business needs an attorney that is experienced in corporate law to insure that the business meets all legal requirements of various contracts, employment issues, and taxation.

East Meadow also has lawyers who specialize in family law. They can provide the legal advice and documents needed for prenuptial contracts, divorce, alimony, child support, and financial settlements. Some family law firms specialize in elder law or special needs cases and guardianship issues. These lawyers can assist with estate planning, administration, and litigation. 

In cases of accidents, especially those involving personal injury, having a good lawyer is a major relief. Keeping an attorney on retainer helps when an unexpected need for assistance occurs. Selecting the lawyer or firm that one feels comfortable with is important. In East Meadow, the attorneys are compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping their clients with all their legal needs.


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