East Meadow Commuting to New York City ?

Commuting from East Meadow, New York.
Live in East Meadow and commute into the City

Many of East Meadow’s 40,000 residents commute the 30 miles to New York City, and there are a number of roadways, trains and buses that make commuting easy for urban professionals.

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is the most popular choice among commuters who prefer not to drive a car. The Long Island Rail Road is a commuter rail system serving all of Long Island and is considered the busiest commuter railroad in North America. It was established in 1834 and has continually operated since then, making it the oldest US railroad still operating under its original name. The Long Island Railroad has 124 stations and more than 700 miles of track. Each weekday, it provides more than 300,000 rides to customers. It is publicly owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and is the only commuter passenger railroad in the United States to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The LIRR operates an electric fleet of about 1000 electric multiple unit cars. The cars operate in a married pair-style, with each car containing its own engineer’s operating compartment. Trains are typically 6 to 12 cars in length.

Throughout its history the LIRR has had a number of named trains, despite serving largely commuters for much of its existence. Some of the trains offered all first class seating, parlor cars, and full bar service, many of them operated during the early part of the 20th century. One of the railroad’s more notable trains was the Cannonball, which ran from Long Island City to Montauk and is the only named train currently in the fleet. There were also the Fisherman’s Special, the Peconic Bay and Shinnecock Bay Express, the Shelter Island Express, and the Sunrise Special.

East Meadow is also served by a number of public and private bus routes via the Metropolitan Transit Authority and independent companies who offer services such as door-to-door airport shuttles.

If you prefer to drive yourself, you can take the Long Island Expressway which is 70-mile stretch of highway also known as I-495. Another route that will get you to East Meadow is the Northern State Parkway which runs almost parallel to the Long Island Expressway and connects the Meadowbrook State Parkway and the Wantagh State Parkway. The Southern State Parkway is another option for commuting in and out of East Meadow.


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